Ritalin alternatives : treat the cause not the symptoms !

What about ritalin alternatives ?

It seems that teachers, psychiatrists and some doctors are ‘pushing’ this drug as an easy solution to children’s behavioral problems.

How about giving much attention to the underlying causes of hyperactivity ?

A question all parents should ask.

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The question that all parents (and grandparents) must ask if confronted with this problem in their family is, ‘what is causing the hyperactivity?’ What is so different between now and when I went to school? Is there something that has changed in the life of these children that is causing these problems? Other than the usual troublemaker at school the situation was not so bad that authorities had to consider drugging the children!

In considering ritalin alternatives one question has changed dramatically from our youger days : In summary : NUTRITION. A can of soda used to be a weekly treat if you were lucky. Likewise was a once a week treat to buy your own lunch. Nowadays many children hardly ever drink water... just sugar laden sodas. Have you ever observed the temporary behavioral changes that can take place in children after they drink sodas or eat ‘sweets’?

Although there are always exceptions to the rule you can rest assured that there is probably more than an 80 – 90% chance that the child’s behavioral problems stem from causes that can be addressed with ritalin alternatives, wich is the natural way. For example, food allergies, poor nutrition leading to deficiencies in essential nutrients, or even toxic chemicals in the body from environmental pollution, including water. Remember to avoid giving your children tap water. Install either, a reverse osmosis system, high quality water filters or a water distiller. This will help reduce the risk of heavy metal contamination from water.

If you really want to treat the cause you consider ritalin alternatives first. Ritalin should be very much a treatment of last resort. Before agreeing to a prescription of Ritalin, examine the general health of your child, look at their diet. Are they getting their liquid intake from water, or from soda’s? Are they getting a good share of their food from unprocessed vegetables or, from McDonalds?

I know that it is so much more convenient to give them medication that will suppress the symptoms, but the consequences in the years to follow do not bear thinking about. With regard to convenience it is going to be even easier soon for parents to give Ritalin to their children, thanks to the pending release of a ‘Ritalin’ patch which will have a timed release mechanism built in which will help eliminate the need for pills. This on one hand will help reduce the abuse of the pills, but on the other it will decrease our consideration for ritalin alternatives.

In summary, if you are confronted with this problem, for the sake of your child and your ultimate peace of mind don’t be ‘bullied’ into accepting this drug as a solution. At best it will treat the symptoms but will not deal with the cause. At worst it could be the first stage of creating a drug dependency in your child. Work with a professional that has some experience with resolving the symptoms through nutrition and supplementation.

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