Natural Remedy for Hemorrhoids

An effective natural remedy for hemorrhoids can be based on specific nutrients or it can be made with natural elements having targeted properties.

Home Remedy for Hemorrhoids with selected fruits

You can easily combat Hemorrhoids by increasing your daily intake of a few fruits. Raisins and melons contain anti-inflammatory properties and constitute an effective treatment for hemorrhoids.

Remedy for Hemorrhoids with natural elements

Natural Remedy for Hemorrhoids #1

This remedy will improve blood circulation and reduce Hemorrhoids and varicose.

Composition and preparation

10 grams Burdock (roots)
20 grams Mistletoe (leaves)
20 grams Hamamelis (leaves)
20 grams Hyssop
20 grams Yarrow
20 grams Wild pansy
20 grams Red wine leaves

¤ Put twelve tablespoon of the above mix in a non-metallic, heat-resistant pot.
¤ Pour six large glasses of water on top.
¤ Simmer for three minutes.
¤ Cover and rest for 15 minutes.
¤ Filter.
¤ Add honey if desired.

The quantity prepared of this remedy for Hemorrhoids is enough for two days. Drink three glasses during the day or as required.

Natural Remedy for Hemorrhoids #2

This treatment consists in a bath of water and oak bark. It is a formidable way to cure uncomfortable Hemorrhoids.

Composition and preparation for three days

¤ Put five handful of oak bark in a non-metallic, heat-resistant pot.
¤ Pour eight glasses of water on top.
¤ Simmer for fifteen minutes.
¤ Cover and let cool down.
¤ Filter around one-third of the preparation and pour in the cold water of a bath for your bottom.
¤ Let the balance of the preparation rest with the oak bark.
¤ Take the bath before meals

Natural Remedy for Hemorrhoids #3

Hemorrhoids can also be treated naturally with the help of clay. Apply small poultices of cold clay on the area affected, maintained with a towel or bandage for one and a half hour.

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