Natural remedy for diabetes

An effective natural remedy for diabetes is based on specific nutrients having targeted properties. Here are a few tips and recipes.

Do you know that the following nutrients are excellent home remedies for diabetes : onions, artichokes, beets, olives, olive oil, hazelnuts, nuts and almonds ?

Natural remedy for diabetes

This infusion constitutes a true relief for diabetes.

Composition and preparation of this Home remedy for diabetes

20 grams of Aigremoine leaves
20 grams of Eucalyptus leaves
20 grams of Galéga
20 grams of Geranium
20 grams of Bean pods
20 grams of Blueberry leaves
20 grams of Horsetail plant
20 grams of Renouée

¤ Put four tablespoons of the above mix in a non-metallic, heat-resistant pot.

¤ Pour four glasses of water on top.

¤ Bring to boil and simmer for three minutes.

¤ Cover and infuse for fifteen minutes.

¤ Filter and drink two glasses during the day.

¤ Repeat for three consecutive weeks then stop for one week. The treatment should last three months.

The quantity prepared of this natural remedy for diabetes is enough for two days.

Prepare this natural remedy for diabetes or buy one.
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