Natural remedy for depression

An effective natural remedy for depression is based on specific nutrients having targeted properties. Here are a few tips and recipes.

Do you know that the following nutrients are excellent home remedies for depression : oranges, beets, peas, onions, turnips, asparagus, leeks, almonds, plums, dates and other dry fruits ?

Natural remedy for depression #1

This natural remedy is composed of Camphor Oil and garlic. Use the oil to massage your chest and back.


¤ Empty one-third of a bottle of Camphor Oil and replace the oil by grated garlic
¤ Shake well to mix both ingredients
¤ Massage a few times a day
¤ Periodically, filter the oil and replace the garlic with a fresh quantity

Natural remedy for depression #2

Egg-Lemon maceration

Composition and preparation

One fresh egg
Two lemons


¤ Put the whole egg, with the shell, in a tea cup.
¤ Press the two lemons.
¤ Pour the lemon juice over the egg so as to recover it completely.
¤ Rest for the night.

Morning (before breakfast)

¤ Remove the egg from the tea cup. (You can use it in you normal cuisine).
¤ Mix and drink the maceration. Don't worry about white deposits or the brownish look of the juice.

This remedy for depression is incredibly efficient in increasing your energy level. So, don't hesitate to use it as often as needed.

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