Natural remedy for anxiety

An effective natural remedy for anxiety is made of natural elements having targeted properties and is based on the quality of your respiration system. Here is a great remedy and a few helpful tips.

Home remedy for anxiety

This remedy is a poultice made of bran and ivy. It decongests your system, calms down physical pains and appease anxiety. The poultice should be applied on the solar plexus to treat anxiety.

Composition and preparation of this natural remedy for anxiety

250 grams of natural bran
250 grams of climbing ivy leaves

¤ Put five handful of bran and three handful of ivy leaves in a non-metallic, heat-resistant pot.

¤ Add enough water to make up a thick mush.

¤ Cook until all the water has evaporated (approximately 10 minutes).

¤ The mix should have 2 cm tickness. Spread it over a cloth larger than the solar plexus area.

¤ Fold up the cloth and apply the poultice. It should be warm but not hot.

¤ Keep the poultice for one and a half hour or all night if applied before going to bed.

¤ This natural remedy for anxiety can be used at any time of the day.

¤ Do not reuse the poultice, throw it away after application.

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Natural remedy for anxiety :
a few tips on the power of proper breathing

Your body cells live off pure and vivifying oxygen. Never forget that proper respiration allows your body to purify and improve its immune system. When we breath out we evacuate accumulated toxins and when we breath in we provide nutrients to our organs. The "square" respiration technique will bring you a condition of calm and peace of mind. This is how it works :

  • Breath out slowly and count 1, 2

  • Stop and keep your lungs empty for two long seconds 3, 4

  • Breath in slowly and count 1, 2

  • Stop and keep your lungs full for two long seconds 3, 4

  • The moment to rest is at 3, 4

Repeat the above sequence as often as needed to reach a good level of peace of mind.

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