Moisturizing care: Is it really good for your skin?

Every beauty and health articles talk constantly of moisturizing care. The hype about moisturizing your skin became constant in every known beauty and health regimen. Is there really truth in the benefit of daily moisturizing your skin?

Our skin is our body’s largest organ. Caring for it properly will have a very big impact on our over-all well-being. Cleansing, toning, moisturizing and protecting your skin are a must that we must all conform to religiously.

If truth be told, all health care professionals and beauty experts agree that moisturizing your skin will actually help maintain your skin’s natural moisture. Moisturizers work as a protective sealant against the harsh elements in the environment and the daily wear and tear caused by our lifestyle.

By itself, dry skin is not the major cause of wrinkles and other signs of skin aging. However, since dry skin has a decreased capacity to heal, it is far more susceptible to various forms of skin damage such as sun exposure or harsh detergents. Furthermore, dry skin is also more prone to skin infections and irritants because it has many tiny cracks allowing the offenders to sneak in. Skin dryness tends to increase with age. Most people over forty have some degree of skin dryness and need to moisturize. Skin dryness tends to be particularly severe in women near, during or after menopause - apparently due to low level of estrogens.

Moisturizing care products are the traditional staple of skin care products line. Others may consider it the centerpiece of anti-aging skin care, while others may plainly just set its values aside. Special moisturizing care for our skin is needed when the humidity is relatively low because it promotes faster evaporation of skin moisture. Dry weather and indoor heating season also calls special attention to moisturizing.

Moisturizers help in hydrating your skin by preventing the water from escaping or by slowly releasing water into your skin. However, it is best to remember that inside and outside moisturizing care is necessary for best results. Keeping the body well hydrated is as important part of a beauty regimen as well as using those creams and lotions that everyone is fond of. Adequate fluid intake is the key as well as balanced diet and proper exercise.

Protecting your skin from the sun can help you retain that moisture and reduce your risks of many skin diseases.

Before starting on any beauty regimen, it is always wise to keep in mind your skin type. In this way, you will know what products are best for your skin. Consult with your dermatologist so you will know if you are in certain risk of allergic reactions and sensitivity to most of skin care products ingredients.

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