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Health Longevity

My name Is Marc Deschamps. I have created Health Longevity Magazine.Com to share my passion and interest for human health and to help YOU live a healthier and longer life.

My father died of a heart attack at the age of 46. I was 9 years old and I could not understand why life had taken my father so soon. Two of my father's brothers died at the age 38 and 42 ... of heart attacks. My mother retired at age 62, a few months later she contracted a vicious virus and was hospitalized for 3 weeks. One year later she was diagnosed with the Parkinson's disease.

Every year, when I visit my doctor he reminds me that I am a "risk" because of family history. I go through blood tests and check ups and the doctor is ready to fire pills and diet plans at me if I go above acceptable levels of cholesterol, weight, blood pressure, etc. You know what ? I don't want to take pills and follow diet plans. Because it is not the most effective way to health longevity.

The health longevity equation is about prevention, it is about providing your body with quality input to produce a long and healthy output. Our body is like a car or a computer system. Feed your car with with good oil and gas and it will work well; provide your computer system with appropriate data and it will generate proper information. In today's world our body is bombarded with toxins from the air we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat. There are literally toxins in everything that we encounter. Is it any wonder that one out of every 2.5 people in United States are dying and will die of cancer ? Did you know that in 1901 only one out of 8,000 people died of cancer (according to the United States Government's own statistics)?

Our health is also affected by the day-to-day pressure to perform at work and at home. Lack of relaxation and rest has negative impacts on our health condition both short-term and long-term. In many cases, our marital life also suffers.

This is why I developped a genuine care for health and wellness issues. And for ways to help our body fight against the "attacks" of our environment. I did lots of personal research on various health topics such as anti-aging, stress relief, energy level, sexual health, heart attack prevention, immune system, skin care, common diseases,etc.. I read books & newspapers and I consulted several public libraries. I documented my work in short articles and this gave birth to Health Longevity Magazine.

As a result of this research I came up with a rock solid conviction : we need to maintain life with life and we must support our system with natural supplements. It is an insurance policy against the deterioration of our body cells occuring daily with the effect of time. It's certainly not a garantee of endless health and youth but it is an additional help to fight the impact of the aging process and a boost for enhanced health longevity.

I hope you find a topic of interest to you. If you want to share your thoughts, comments, ideas, feel free to contact me.

I sincerely hope you find the road to health longevity,



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