Home remedy for wrinkles

An effective home remedy for wrinkles is based on specific nutrients having targeted properties. Here are a few tips and recipes.

Do you know that carrots are an excellent natural remedy for wrinkles ?

Home remedy for wrinkles #1

This remedy is a facial mask made with honey, an efficient agent to get rid of wrinkles.

Composition for dry or normal skin

Juice from fresh carrots
One teaspoon of natural, non-pasteurized honey
One egg yolk
A few drops of olive oil

Composition for oily skin

Juice from fresh cucumbers
One teaspoon of natural, non-pasteurized honey
One egg yolk
Two tablespoons of rye flour
Juice from half of a fresh lemon

Preparation of this Home remedy for wrinkles

¤ Thoroughly remove makeup.
¤ Rub the carrot or the cucumber juice on your face.
¤ Let dry a few minutes.
¤ Mix the other ingredients.
¤ Apply the mask in uniform layers on your face, under the eyes and on the neck area.
¤ Keep the mask for thirty minutes and relax.
¤ Dampen a washcloth with mild water and remove the mask.
¤ Repeat every week.

Home remedy for wrinkles #2

This skin care home remedy is a marvelous oil that will soften your skin and protect it against redness and irritations. It will also preserve your skin against wrinkles and whitering.

Composition and preparation of this Home remedy for wrinkles

10 grams of Lavender flowers
10 grams of Mallow leaves
10 grams of Minth leaves
10 grams of Elder flowers
20 grams of Crabgrass roots
20 grams of Eglantine berries
20 grams of Nettle plant
20 grams of Sage leaves
20 grams of Linden tree flowers
30 grams of Heather flowers
30 grams of Chervil

¤ Mix carefully all these herbs and plants.
¤ Take half of the mix and put in a pot to steam.
¤ Pour two cups of almond oil and two cups of wheat sprouts.
¤ Steam for two hours. Mix frequently with a wooden spoon.
¤ Cover and rest in a fresh environment.
¤ Let macerate for ten days.
¤ Filter the oil into a flask or bottle.
¤ Cover your face and body with the oil before going under the sun.

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