Home remedy for bronchitis

An effective home remedy for bronchitis can be based on specific natural elements having targeted properties. Here are three ways to treat a bronchitis with excellent results.

Natural remedy for bronchitis : The Miracle of Clay

The instinctive intelligence of animals is certainly worth ours. When animals are sick or wounded they look for clay-rich soils where they can plunge the affected parts of their body. Clay is known to combat germs and bacterias while helping in the reconstitution of healthy cells. It increases our body's resistance to poisons and toxins and fights viral infections. It is also an active agent promoting the strenght of our immune support system. Last but not least, clay facilitates food absorption by improving the functioning of your intestinal system.

The great properties of clay make it a highly recommended home remedy for bronchitis. Apply a small poultice of cold clay on the chest and on the middle back. Repeat three time a day.


Camphor Oil and garlic

This home remedy for bronchitis can be used in conjunction with clay. Use the oil to massage your chest and back.

Composition and preparation

¤ Empty one-third of a bottle of Camphor Oil and replace the oil by grated garlic ¤ Shake well to mix both ingredients ¤ Massage a few times a day ¤ Periodically, filter the oil and replace the garlic with a fresh quantity


Thyme Fumigation

A thyme fumigation is a powerful home remedy for bronchitis. Although you can use dried thyme leaves with good results, fresh thyme branches will work even better.

Composition and preparation

¤ Put one teaspoon of dried thyme or two branches of fresh thyme in an inhaler.
¤ Pour one and a half glass of hot water.
¤ Cover your head with a large towel and place yourself over the inhaler.
¤ Inhale while the preparation is warm.
¤ Repeat twice a day.
¤ Keep warm after the fumigation.

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