Home remedy for asthma

An effective home remedy for asthma can be based on specific nutrients or it can be made with plants and/or herbs having targeted properties.

Natural remedy for asthma with pomegranate

Did you know that asthma gets out of breath with pomegranate ? The pomegranate is a neat, rounded shrub or small tree that can grow to 20 or 30 ft., but more typically to 12 to 16 ft. in height. It produces a nearly round, 2-1/2 to 5 in. wide fruit crowned at the base by the prominent calyx. The primary commercial growing regions of the world are the Near East, India and surrounding countries and southern Europe as well as in the southern San Joaquin Valley of California. Although consumer is not great you can still find pomegranate in fruit stores.

Home remedy for asthma with plants and/or herbs

Home remedy for asthma

You should use this infusion when you have an asthma attack or as a prevention measure.

Composition and preparation

10 grams Marjoram flower tips
10 grams Minth flower tips
10 grams Pouliot plant
20 grams Bouillon blanc
20 grams Capillaire
20 grams Poppy flower
20 grams Eucalyptus leaves
20 grams Hyssop flower tips
20 grams Grey lichen
20 grams Ground Ivy
20 grams Pine buds
20 grams Pulmonaire
20 grams Thyme leaves

¤ Put four tablespoon of the above mix in a non-metallic, heat-resistant pot.
¤ Pour four glasses of water on top.
¤ Bring to boil and simmer for three minutes.
¤ Cover and rest.
¤ Let infuse for fifteen minutes.
¤ Filter and drink two glasses during the day or more in case of an attack.

The quantity prepared of this Home remedy for asthma is enough for two days.

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