The Hawthorne berry is a friend to your cardiac health

The Hawthorne berry come from a thorny shrub that produces pink or red flowers and small berries. It grows in Europe, western Asia, and eastern North America. In areas of Europe during the Renaissance and areas of China, hawthorn was initially used for digestive and other types of problems. It is now mostly used for heart ailments, particularly early stages of congestive heart failure. Its active compounds are flavonoid antioxidants, which protect the heart and blood vessels from damage.

Claimed health benefits of the hawthorne berry are the prevention of plaque build-up and hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis), the lowering of blood pressure and the increase in oxygen used by the heart muscle to improve heart contractions (helps with congestive heart failure).

The berry is not found in any food. A common dose of dried hawthorn extract is 160-900 mg per day, separated into 2 to 3 doses.

In a well-controlled clinical study, patients with congestive heart failure were supplemented with 160-900 mg of the berry extract per day for eight weeks. The results showed that they had significant improvement in their ability to exercise without becoming short of breath or easily fatigued.

Research has shown that unlike digitalis, another herb used to treat congestive heart failure, the hawthorne berry does not produce irregular heartbeats. It has also been shown to improve circulation to the arms and legs while decreasing blood pressure.

Studies have shown that extracts of the Hawthorne berry appear to be safe. Its safety for children, pregnant or breast feeding women, and those with severe liver/kidney disease has not been thoroughly studied. Therefore, these people should avoid using it in significant concentrations. In any case check with your health care provider.

Bear in mind that the key in reducing the risks of side effects and maximizing the efficacy of supplements, such as the Hawthorne berry, is by its critical combination with of the right type of other nutrient extracts in the right proportions. The resulting combination is much more effective than the sum of the individual nutrients.

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