Drinking quality water is important for your health !

Did you know that drinking quality water is even more important than food to your body because your body is mostly water!

Yes it's true!

More than half of your body weight is water. Your body cant survive for more than a few hours without it, even less if you live in a hot country or the weather is hot.

This doesn't mean that your body is like a glass that you fill with water. Your feet would get pretty soggy wouldn't they? What it does mean is that water is the biggest part of all the fluids that travel round your body, and there is a lot of water inside your cells too. Even bones have a lot of water in them!

So why is drinking quality water so important and what does your body do with all that water?

It circulates as blood around all your body, most of your blood is water and is also in lymph which travels around your body.

Blood and lymph are the main ways the body gets food and oxygen to your cells and the way wastes get taken away, this is a very important job for water!! Blood and lymph also have special cells in them which fight infections, they are part of your "immune system".

Water carries digestive enzymes around your digestive system, so that your food can be broken up into all the bits your body needs.

All the stuff the body doesn't need has to get out of the body somehow. Some of it goes from the blood to the kidneys, which make urine (wee - which is mostly water). Some stays in your gut and comes out as faeces (poo - which is also mostly water!) Some comes out in the air you breathe (if you breathe onto a really cold mirror you will see little drops of water on the glass - this is water from your breath).

Drinking quality water is also essential to keep your body temperature even, at about 36.4 Celsius. Water comes out through the tiny holes in your skin called pores. This water we call perspiration or sweat and it helps to cool our bodies.

Water is in the fluids that keep your joints moving smoothly, like knees and elbows, so that your bones don't creak and groan like a rusty swing.

Saliva, or spit as we usually call it, is mostly water. We know when we need more water because our mouths feel dry. Mucus is also mostly water. That''s the stuff that you see too much of when you''ve got a runny nose! But mucus is very important, as it keeps eyes, ears, noses, throats and all your inside bits smooth and slippery so that everything can run around all your body systems without getting stuck!

Now that you can see how important drinking quality water is, you can understand why your body needs so much of it.

Adult bodies use up around 2 litres a day and smaller bodies use less. For example, a child around 8 years old might use up about 1 litre a day. So you must be drinking quality water to replace that much you are using on a daily basis.

Our personal recommendation for drinking quality water


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