Are benefits of coral calcium
for real ?

There are 3 main benefits of coral calcium : takes care of bone calcium deficiencies, helps weight loss and contains 74 trace minerals, essential to the bone structure.

One of the benefits of coral calcium : It takes care of bone calcium deficiencies

Coral calcium has the ability to become ionic when it comes in contact with moisture. This means that the calcium can do some good. It needs to be ionic and in the presence of other minerals and vitamin D3 when it gets into the blood stream. If all these factors are present the calcium in the blood can be absorbed by the bones to take care of bone calcium deficiencies.

This is why many people who are taking a lot of calcium supplements which are not ionic will often find that their osteoporosis continues to get worse. Unless the calcium can be converted into an ionic form they would be better off not taking it as these calcium supplements may actually speed up the leeching of calcium from the bones.

One of the benefits of coral calcium : It helps weight loss

In February 2003, the US National Institute of Health published a review of studies that linked the intake of dietary and supplemental calcium to body weight. Their researchers found that:

  • Subjects with elevated body weight had lower levels of calcium intake.
  • Those people which had the highest levels of weight loss also had the highest levels of calcium intake.
  • Those people with diets high in dairy and calcium had greater losses of fat in the truck area.

Bear in mind that the benefits of coral calcium are one of many other components of weight normalization. They are part of a global "package" to reduce weight and, taken alone, the benefits of coral calcium are greatly diminished.

One of the benefits of coral calcium : It contains 74 trace minerals

There is sufficient evidence to suggest that it is beneficial to take these trace minerals in the proportions as they occur in nature in the form of coral. It is interesting to note that the ratio of calcium to magnesium in above sea coral is about 43:1 which is very similar to the ratio in the human body which is 48:1. Similar ratios to the human body have been noted with some of the trace minerals as well. This would explain why pieces of coral are often used by orthopedic surgeons for bone grafts as the body readily accepts the coral as part of its natural tructure.

An exception to this is the below sea coral calcium which has a 2:1 calcium to magnesium ratio. Although they claim this is natural it is nonsense and the manufacturers have never been able to substantiate their claims. Magnesium is an antagonist to calcium and to a number of other minerals if taken in excess. In other words it acts to neutralize the calcium if present in excessive amounts. For this reason I don't believe extra magnesium should be added to coral minerals.

In addition, some scientists believe that the trace minerals in the coral are even more important than the calcium itself due to the beneficial effects they have on nerves and enzymes.

Benefits of coral calcium within your health regime are important. However, it must be appreciated that it is just one component of many. If you are a female over 35 it is indeed desirable for you to take supplemental calcium and above sea coral calcium is a good choice.

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