Medical wonders through Bee Pollen benefits

Collected from the flowers of plants, bee pollen benefits are observed as a source of carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Bee pollen refers to pollen collected from bees returning to their hives. Flower pollen refers to pollen collected from harvesting machines.

Bee Pollen Benefits through supplementation

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

This non-infectious, non-malignant enlargement of the prostate gland occurs in 50 to 60% of men, ages 40 to 59. An increase in prostatic concentrations of potent androgen, a derivative of testosterone, is most likely the cause. Other hormone levels are also elevated, including prolactin, oestradiol, and follicle-stimulating hormone.

The enlargement of the prostate may lead to urethra obstruction. Symptoms of BPH include bladder outlet obstruction (hesitancy, increased urinary frequency, waking at night to urinate, etc.); and an enlarged, non-tender prostate gland.

Both uncontrolled and double blind studies have shown that bee pollen benefits men with BPH. One double blind study showed that daily supplementation of bee pollen significantly reduced symptoms of BPH.

Health Longevity

According to Dr G Liebold, a physician and psychologist of Karlsrude, Germany "Bee Pollen is an excellent prophylaxis and therapeutic treatment against the precocious symptoms of old age. It should be considered a universal geriatric treatment in the form of a natural remedy". Several scientists have recognized that bee pollen benefits several mental and physical abilities, as well as improving the metabolic systems and removing other cardiovascular symptoms such as arteriosclerosis, cerebral insufficiency, and other sequelae.

Male Impotence

Research conducted at various European Universities on bee pollen benefits, has shown in trials conducted with impotent men that more than half of those given bee pollen experienced a dramatic improvement in sperm count. Most gained a higher level of self-confidence, and were able to perform better sexually... after just one month of taking bee pollen.

In addition to the amino acids within Bee Pollen which are precursors to Human Growth Hormone, Bee Pollen also contains a gonadotropic hormone very similar to the human pituitary hormone, gonadotropin, which functions as a sex gland hormone.

Immune system

There is a wealth of information available on the amazing medical results that have been achieved through the use of bee pollen. Bee pollen benefits have been observed to be very effective in building a strong immune system and reversing a large number of ailments in humans.

as an example, the author of a study conducted in 1948, Dr. William Robinson of the US Bureau of Entomology, Agricultural Research Administration, concluded that bee pollen benefits include an anti carcinogenic principle that could be added to food.

Weight Control

The issue of Weight control is related to health condition and nutrient deficiency. Bee Pollen benefits have been found to be helpful in correcting chemical imbalances involved in weight control. In particular, it helps speed up caloric burn by stimulating the metabolic system, it acts as a natural appetite suppressant and it contains a high percentage of lecithin that helps dissolve and flush fat from the body.

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