Aloe Vera Benefits

Aloe Vera Benefits go back to ancient history. Egyptian Queens Cleopatra and Nefertiti both gave tribute to aloe vera as one of their most important beauty secrets. Alexander the Great carried the aloe vera plant into battle to treat wounded soldiers. In fact, this high-sulfur member of the garlic family dates back 6,000 years, and has been in use for all that time.

When you peruse the literature, it's easy to see why Aloe Vera benefits are well recognized. A dermabrasion study done ten years ago showed that facial wounds healed seventy-two hours faster when aloe vera was added to the polyethylene oxide gel wound dressing (Journal of Dermatological Surgery and Oncology, 1990, vol. 16). More recently, vascular surgeon Dr. Tyler, M.D. of Louisiana recorded the near-miraculous second chance that aloe vera afforded a diabetic in danger of losing her arm (Bossier Medical Center, 1997). Aloe Vera also is great for avoiding scarring after reconstruction and facial surgery. In fact, studies have confirmed the following Aloe Vera benefits :

  • Speeds healing, tensile strength and repair of damaged skin
  • Holds moisture and adds flexibility to retard aging
  • With its antibacterial properties fights infections including fungus and staph
  • Tightens and balances skin through astringent pH properties
  • Moisturizes by carrying added emollients into the skin up to seven layers
  • With natural anti-inflammatory agents reduces pain
  • Minimizes scarring and may reverse scars less than five years old

Aloe Vera benefits the skin

Aloe vera is 99 percent water, and yet, it contains a storehouse of nutrients, more than 200 active elements that support health. In its most direct effects, aloe vera increases fibroblast production in skin tissue. The fibroblasts stimulate new collagen, thus accelerating wound healing. Collagen can be likened to cement that glues all of the body cells together like a large cellular puzzle.

Taking advantage of Aloe Vera benefits at Home

A recent clinical study has confirmed aloe's effectiveness as a home remedy for skin care. A double blind, placebo-controlled study of psoriasis patients showed that topically applied aloe cream treated psoriasis with no bad side effects. In this study, aloe cured twenty-five of thirty subjects compared to the placebo cure rate of two out of thirty (Tropical Medicine and International Health, 1996, vol.1). A peer-reviewed eighteen-month study conducted on 250 wounds, including many diabetic lesions, revealed 100 percent resolution of every wound, stages I-IV, with application of a quality aloe vera skin gel (C. Levescy, LVN, Aloe Life International, 1997).

The key in maximizing the Aloe Vera benefits is by its critical combination with other appropriate nutrient extracts in the right proportions. The resulting combination is much more effective than the sum of the individual nutrients.

Our suggestion of an appropriate and balanced supplement containing all the Aloe Vera benefits


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